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 Date different types of women
Date all races, different occupations, those with different economic backgrounds, foreign and domestic, whatever. Do it more than once. It’s easy for us to get caught up in generalizations from what we hear from other guys and even our friends. But you have to find out what type of girl works best for you and how different types of girls will treat and react to your game. Even though you might have a natural preference for a certain type, you’ll never know when you’ll have to use your game to wingman for a buddy.

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 Date older women
if you’re a guy under 26… you don’t know shit first of all (or not as much as you think you do). But most importantly you don’t know shit about having an adult conversation on a date. You won’t learn this from going on dates with girls who watch Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl. Also if she’s under 26 herself she doesn’t know shit either. Going on a date with and spitting game to older women is the quickest way to learn how to hold an interesting adult conversation. Learning conversation flow and being able to speak to life experiences years above where you’re at is crucial to seduction. Another use for this is the ability to say you’ve dated older women to women you’re own age or younger. You will appear mature by association and the competition juices will flow.

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Do you need money or to be rich to be good at game? No. But it sure doesn’t hurt. You need to be in the best shape you can be. Yes you can be out of shape and a fat slob, but why start at a disadvantage? Think of your body as another tool for seduction. It’s one of the few thingsyou can change and manipulate to your will to help improve your odds of attraction. Also if you’re some fat guy and for some reason you think because you know game you deserve a dime peace then get at the end of the line, starts back there.

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 Fuck your standards
Too many guys get into this shit thinking they’ll be pulling top shelf mommies on the reg with one hand behind their backs… ALL THE TIME. Believe it or not sometimes you might go on a cold streak. At these times it’s best to lower your standards to break the streak or get rid of that sexual gorilla on your back. Once this is done you can get back to gaming top tear chicks. Something changes in a male who’s recently gotten a bang. A calm and ease comes over you that most women subconsciously pick up on. Your timing and confidence improve. The girls don’t have a clue who or what the last person you banged looked like, they can just tell you’re the type of guy who has sex… a lot. This is the universal law of pussy getting pussy. Also don’t even get me started on when you have to wingman and take one for the team. Every man at some point in their life must fall on a grenade.

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